Hey there

My name is Ivan, I'm a destination Cinematographer based in Zagreb County, Croatia.
I feel honored and blessed to be a participant in every Wedding I shoot.

I believe in true love, love at first sight, blind love, love that hurts; these are the reasons why I enjoy every minute of telling different love stories through my lenses.

I'm a huge basketball and an American football fan (I'll pick Michael Jordan every time over LeBron James!)
I love spicy food, strong, black coffee and I have a sweet tooth for cakes.

My inspiration and motivation, my backbone in life and best friend is Iva; soon to be my wife.

I love to read and write. Often, I feel great relief when I put my thoughts on paper. But, when I plant those same thoughts in my camera, develop them shoots into a movie, cause reactions and goosebumps, only then my craving for creating is temporary fulfilled.

If you like or agree with what you read so far, don't hesitate to contact me.

About me photo credits to my beautiful fiancée and inspiring photographer Iva Kekez and to an amazing and talented photographer Matija Vuri