Hey there

husband and wife

We believe in true love, love at first sight, blind love, love that hurts; these are the reasons why we enjoy every minute of telling different love stories through our lenses.

We feel honored and blessed to be participants in every wedding we shoot.

Ivan is a huge NBA and NFL fan (he will pick Michael Jordan every time over LeBron James!) and Iva is obsessed with Netflix.

Iva could eat burgers and fries every day. On the other hand, Ivan has a major issue with his sweet tooth. Both of us can't start the morning without strong black coffee.

Although we both started our carriers in educational system, we found ourselves (and each other), doing the one thing we love the most, and that is capturing precious moments.

Well, not to turn this in our own private diary, we'll stop just here, but be sure we're eager to meet you, tell you more and hear everything about you!

Oh, and one more thing, we're dog people! :)

For our wedding photos we want to give a shoutout to amazing Matija Vuri from Ladies and gentlemen weddings.