Cinema is one of the best ways to preserve and document your wedding day. Our cinematography is known for its power to tell the beautiful emotional stories. The voices, the movement, the laughter and the tears of joy will all be expertly edited to tell your most inspiring and unique love story. You will be able to hand down your wedding film to your children and even grandchildren and show them how you celebrated your day of love or at least it will be a life lasting memory filled with laughters, dance moves and emotions just for you.
You can expect the photos in 5 to 6 weeks at most and videos in 8 to 12 weeks.
A signed contract and deposit, all of which can be done online.
Sure, we would love to meet you in person, but we can also arrange a Skype/Whatsapp meeting.
Iva is a Nikon fan, Ivan is a Panasonic user, but we truly believe that the equipment list is not overly important to you, as is the final product.